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Team 5156 - Ready for action!

Congrats to the Laker Robotics team!

  The Lakers Robotics team attended the Great Lakes Bot Bash Oct. 10, 2015 at Midland Dow High School.  After all qualifying matches, Lakers Robotics were 10th out of 21 teams.  The team made it into the championship semifinal rounds. Awesome!

At the March 5 competition, the Laker team made it to the playoffs. It's getting

ready for the next competition in mid-March.

Time for a new challenge... First Stronghold

In January, the game for this year's competition was announced, and it's called

First Stronghold. In this game, robot alliances are on a quest to breach their opponent's defenses,

weaken their tower with boulders and capture their tower. 

Each team's robot needs to operate independently for 15 seconds at the

beginning of the quest, and then student teams drive their robot

for the last two minutes and 15 seconds.

Teams score points for taking over their opponents, and the

team with the most points wins!



2014-15 Laker Robotics Team

The Laker Robotics team took 18th out of 40 teams after 80 qualifying matches during the competition in mid-March in Midland. This is quite a feat for this young team. Way to go! The hours of hard work really paid off. 

Starting in January, the  Laker FRC team completes many steps in its journey to build its robot. Here is a quick rundown:

Receive info on the game the robot will be playing
Receive kit of parts made up of motors, batteries, a control system, a PC, and a mix of automation components worth tens of thousands of dollars – and only limited instructions.
Divide into multiple sub-groups, such as CAD, mechanical, electrical, programming, strategy, etc., to ensure all of the areas are covered while creating the robot. Team members can be part of more than one sub-group. 
Prototype robots
Select design direction based on what the robots will need to do during the competition
Fabricate components
Assemble systems
Practice with the robots/test robots/improve where necessary
Build spare parts
Bag robot up for competition

Laker Robotics
-robotics 3-18 063
HS robotics 073
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Robotics pic 2013-14 3
FRC  Robotics mtg
Robotics 135
One Act, Robotics, etc 128
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LHS robotics Feb. 3
First Robotics compet. 3
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Robotics hs team Jan.
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Robotics team at pep assembly
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First Robotics Midland
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