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Laker FFA - Anchored in Excellence

Did you know...

Students from other school districts come to Lakers because of 
our top-notch FFA program. 

If that doesn't indicate success, nothing does! 


Interesting fact: 


The Laker FFA participates in about 30 events each year. This is in addition to ag-related classroom work. 


We're very proud of our Laker FFA!


Thank you to Laker FFA supporters

Thank you for everyone's support of the Laker FFA and its fundraisers. Without you, the program wouldn't be the successful program it is.

Laker FFA Facebook

Check out the Laker FFA Facebook page: Laker FFA Facebook

Laker FFA raises $11,685!

During the November Living to Serve phone-a-thon, Laker FFA members raised close to $12,000! The money will be given to local food banks, Meals on Wheels and community support. Awesome accomplishment!

A history of FFA success

This list is a sample of Laker FFA successes. Information was taken from the Michigan FFA Assoc. website


NOTE: This information covers the chapter history starting with 1974.

State Degrees - 700+ (including 25 gold awards and 15 silver awards)

American FFA degrees - 34

State officers - 23 from the Laker chapter, including three presidents: James Licht (1976-77), Jason Smith (2005-06) and Connor Ewald (2015-16) and 13 Region III vice presidents

Outstanding juniors - 204 (from 2001-2015)

State chapter awards - 26 gold, 5 silver, 2 bronze 

National chapter awards - 8

State leadership awards - 18 state winners and state runners up, 5 national

Proficiency awards - 15 state winners, 8 national

Ag skills awards - Close to 100 state winners and runners up, 18 national

Laker FFA - where success is always growing.
FFA Sunday 2
FFA banquet VictoriaJaridetc
FFA fruit 3
FFA banquet fourdudes
FFA skills 023
Haley S. Ag Teacher Day
FFA banquet Wheeler and seniors
FFA tractor show 11
Project RED 17
FFA ceremony Wheeler talks
FFA banquet auctioneerand4girls
FFA Krohn state
FFA fruit 9
FFA Sunday 1
Project RED 1
Project RED 072
Living to Serve, art door done 021
FFA conduct team 1
FFA banquet CodyJacobetc
FFA banquet FaithBrittanyetc
FFA Sunday 6
FFA Skills 032
FFA awards Don and Bob
FFA banquet Star Discovery 2
Project RED FFA group tractor
FFA banquet EmmaKayleeTyler
Project RED 17
Project RED 5
Project RED 11
Project RED 5
FFA banquet SethJennaJordan
FFA ships wheel
FFA chickens
Laker FFA emblem
FFA banquet senior lineup
Project RED 1
FFA Skills 013
Project RED FFA team
Project RED 15
FFA banquet DonandTomZiel
Project RED 2
FFA Sunday 4
FFA fruit 5
FFA banquet JakeAaronKaylee
FFA wall of awards
FFA Leitch state
FFA banquet Darrion laughin
Project RED 7
FFA district Wheeler and boy
FFA awards Don Wheeler
FFA banquet KelseyJuliaKim
FFA conduct team 2
FFA fruit 1
FFA awards Krista H.
Life without FFA
FFA banquet Adri and Jordan
FFA banquet seniorsandSK
FFA  district ethanol 5
Project RED 2
Nate and Samantha and the truck
FFA banquet DonW
FFA banquet Brian and Don
FFA tractor show 7
FFA tractor show 148
FFA poultry team nationals 2
FFA banquet HalleAubreyetc
FFA Diebel state
FFA banquet NathanCory
Laker sign FFA
Project RED 1
FFA banquet JamesandLindsey
FFA awards Keim hugs Wheeler
keep calm and lead on
Project RED 8
FFA stuff, spotlight bfast 4th qtr 017
FFA banquet seniorsbeinggoofy
Living to Serve, art door done 010
FFA banquet Star Chapter
Project RED 15
FFA district Keim with FFAgirls
keep calm get FFA jacket on
FFA banquet Jamesand Lindsey 2
FFA jacket ceremony Wheeler talking
Project RED 13