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Laker Strings Group performs with The Moxie Strings

The Michigan-based group The Moxie Strings performed with the new 24-member Laker Strings Club April 22 at two assemblies and an evening concert. Check out the video below - this shows the performance for the secondary school.

The Laker group includes players from second grade through 12th grade.

The Moxie Strings first came to Lakers earlier  this school year to jump start the strings club as part of a $12,578 grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (which paid for The Moxie Strings and local instruction).  A $1,200 Michigan Youth Arts Equipment / Supplies grant, along with a gracious local donation from Dr. Mancuso, paid for the violins.

Since then, the Laker strings group has taken off, and the group practices once a week after school under the direction of Samantha Corrion, band director.

During their stay, the Moxie Strings worked with the Laker strings group and within one day, the Laker group learned a new song from The Moxie Strings, which was performed during the assemblies and the concert. The song featured some solo performances from some of our musicians! 

The Laker strings group members include Lindsey Steele, Lauren Scaddan, Heidi Keim, Hannah Keim, Savannah Schultz, Rachel Schember, Nicole Hagan, Lydia Esh, Bryn Esh, Cheyanne Kociba, Chris Potter, Andrew Davis, Derek Moreno, Joy Bonke, Madelyn Rusch, Sayge Ackerman, Tia Zhang, Aubrey Dickens, Martha Moreno, Galen Miller, Ellie Esh, Josie Born, Michaela Love and Kim Holzwart.

Check out a video of one of the performances - click on the "more" link.