Points of Pride
Laker High School is Anchored in Excellence:

*Leader in offering dual enrollment opportunities,

which means free college credits for our students

and their families

*Home of the Hueschen Science Scholarship

*Accredited through AdvancED, the global leader

in advancing education excellence

Mark Weidman, Dean of Students


6136 Pigeon Road

Pigeon, MI 48755

Phone: (989) 453-4600

Fax: (989) 453-4609

Laker High School is awesome because:

*We have a caring, dedicated staff of teachers and support staff who work every day to help every young person succeed not only as students, but as responsible citizens.

*Our class sizes are in the low 20s.

*All students receive an iPad for the one-to-one iPad program, providing unprecedented learning opportunities.

* Laker High is the county leader in offering dual enrollment opportunities for our families! Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take dual enrollment courses to earn FREE college credits - up to an associate's degree - while earning a high school degree. (College Direct program, offered at the Huron Area Technical Center by Mid-Michigan Community College)

*Lakers offers unique courses such as forensic science, psychology, sociology, college biology, theater, woodworking, advanced agriculture, Senior Strategies and more.

*We have a strong focus on hands-on and team-based activities in classrooms.

*We offer unique, personalized job shadowing experiences for our high school students that allow valuable, first-hand views of career fields students are interested in. 

*Lakers offers a CAD (computer-aided design) course.

*Teachers use a variety of technological tools to support their lessons and engage students, such as "flipped" classrooms.

*A personalized skill building/remediation program is available for every student.

*We have multiple early intervention programs for struggling students.

*Strong policies and aggressive action against bullying are in place.

*Lakers has a campus-based health clinic, in partnership with Scheurer Healthcare Network. A campus-based counseling clinic also is in the works in partnership with List Psychological Services.

*An after-school homework assistance program and tutoring are offered to help our students.

*Lakers leads the area in Inclusion Model instruction, in which all special education students attend regular core classes with special education teachers serving as co-teachers.

*The modified block scheduling format affords Laker High School students an opportunity to complete 8 courses each year so they can enjoy more electives and advanced coursework.

*Open campus privileges are offered to senior students, based on class performance on the state exam given to students in their junior year.

*Monthly pride assemblies provide recognition and rewards for students who demonstrate effort, character and academic achievement. "With effort comes reward."

*The Student Responsibility Center provides a place for students to reflect on misconduct, communicate with teachers and get back to the classroom in quick, effective manner.

*Lakers is the only school to offer the Hueschen Science Scholarship, a full four-year scholarship to MSU for qualified graduates entering a field of science.

*We have a highly-respected FFA program with a strong tradition of award-winning members.

*Lakers offers expanded opportunities in the arts, including visual arts, digital media, band, choir and theater classes. We also have a strings group.

*We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and Laker students have opportunities to attend school sporting events free of charge.

*Our EPBP Laker Facebook page/Twitter page, a dynamic school website, and other means keep us in constant communication with our parents and community.

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